The Company

DEO-Avante ‘BIP’ & Company Limited [“DEO-Avante”] is a sector-agnostic investment company with a focus on Luxury Hospitality Services, Luxury Real Estate Development, Technology and Innovative Energy Solutions Development by leveraging multilateral Strategic Partnerships, Combinations, and Community Investors based Multi-Assets, Products & Services Strategy [MAPSS] and business development across cultures; hence the bridge acronym “BIP” which means “Business-Investments-Property”.

Our Vision & Mission

To become the prime global sector agnostic investment company creating wealth, power and influence for the African middle class citizen starting from Nigeria.

Leveraging tailored, seamless, quality and exquisite luxury hospitality real estate investments and other sector-agnostic products and services to ensure consistently incremental, recurrent and optimal returns on investment, energy and happiness to our investors, clients and community, in the short, medium to long-term.

Our Values - DICDECT








Our Approach

Create and transfer Wealth through tailor-made luxury hospitality and a strategic community synergy with focus on “Funding the Future, Profit Synergy, Economic Security, and Limitless prosperity” for our clients, investors, partners and Communities.

Investment Focus

At Deo-Avante, our investment focus spans a segmented chain of luxury real estate products and services including but not limited to:

  • Luxury Hotels – Luxury Residences & Apartments
  • Residential Properties
  • Property Management Services

The Company portfolio targets luxury hotel properties in the 3 – 5 star, full service categories, which range from boutique, medium and large capacity to fully exquisite luxury hotels and resort collections managed by top international hotel management
companies. We deliver a luxury lifestyle experience that combines quaint expressions with classic & elegant style designs in an innovation that creates a re-imagined reality.

The Company also aligns with strategic partners through joint venture arrangements in the development, sales, renovations, rental and active management of luxury homes ranging from duplexes, terrace houses, apartments, functional mixed-use office and commercial properties in strategic locations in Nigeria.

We channel our network and resources in a manner that yields the greatest impact and returns for our clients, partners, and investors locally and internationally.


Premium Luxury Hospitality, Commercial, & Residential Real Estate Investments.

Our Operations

Our luxury multi-shied investments strategy leverages venture capital, private equity, public private partnerships (PPPs), join ventures, strategic combinations and ingenious financial investments across Africa to deliver results to our partners and investors in real estate, hospitality, lifestyle, technology, and energy. At DEO-Avante we are committed to creating economic value through luxury investment assets, products and services for our investors.

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