Dr. Henrietta Onwuegbuzie is a certified Management consultant, an IFC certified Management Trainer and an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Lagos Business School. She is passionate about economic development and socio-economic transformation in Nigeria and Africa, and has initiated the creation of over 100 profitable, impact-driven businesses through the MBA and Executive programmes at the Lagos Business School (LBS), Nigeria where she leads sessions in Entrepreneurship on the MBA and Executive programmes. She is currently the Director of the Business Innovation Accelerator (BIA), and Project Director for the Impact Investing initiative at LBS. She was recently conferred the Excellence award in Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing; appointed a Distinguished Fellow of the Global Africa Leadership Council, and is one of the first two African Visiting Faculty at Yale School of Management, in the United States.

She has an MSc (with Honours), in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Navarre, Spain; an MBA from LBS, Nigeria; and a PhD in Management and Entrepreneurship, from Lancaster University, UK. She is a life member of the Beta Gamma Sigma group, which admits only top performers in the top 5% of Schools, worldwide; and prior to joining the LBS faculty, she managed educational projects in different states in Nigeria and subsequently, worked in the banking industry with key responsibilities for blue-chip companies and multinationals in the corporate banking sector.

Dr. Onwuegbuzie sits on the Board of a number of companies (including Hospitality), she has extensive consulting experience, spanning projects at the State level to conglomerates and SME’s in various industries and is a recipient of several awards in economic development and entrepreneurship, amongst others. Her current focus is on the development of impact-driven entrepreneurs for national transformation and wealth creation.

She brings to the Board her over 20 years’ experience in Management, Business Engineering, Innovation & Acceleration, Leadership, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Economic Transformation.

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